Apice for Artists, founded in 2010 by Daniela Apice is a self-supported initiative for the promotion of contemporary art practices in Amsterdam. It encourages artists at an early stage of their careers, shifting the focus from showing art towards a more engaged act of collaboration, alternately operating both as production agent and mediator towards audiences, institutions, curators and professionals. Articulated in a range of formats such as sculpture, performance-lectures, video, painting and installation work, Apice for Artists works in a process with artists for an extended period to meet intentions in their artistic development.
Concerning the role of a small-scale art organization in relation to the cultural field at large, Apice for Artists addresses an alternative behavior in mediating for contemporary artists, exploring ways to create conditions of co-responsibility in the process of production and presentation. Within this quest, Apice for Artists works in a more situational way by maintaining a model which necessarily intervenes at times, thus generating specific dynamics from a unique attitude: flexible and witty responding to the needs of national and international artists and visitors. This process-oriented thinking and acting not only allows new methodologies in substantially promoting and advancing artistic production, but more so offers time and openness to return to a receptive mode, as for now carried out  from a personal point of view.