Ticho Brouwers

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Stadsschouwburg, 2017
20.05.2017 – 22.05.2017

For the eleventh edition of the Kunstvlaai festival, Apice for Artists invites Ticho Brouwers for a spatial intervention in the Stadsschouwburg of Amsterdam. Ticho Brouwers’ practice consists of works in which sculpture, film and architectural elements come together and create the impression of a coherent narrative. The specific, baroque identity of the Stadsschouwburg is the starting point for highlighting the setting itself and presenting support structures such as cabinets, pedestals and podiums, and even the audience as a carrier of the work.

Ticho Brouwers, Stadsschouwburg 2017, installation with glass sculpture, video and text printed on t-shirts worn by assistants of Kunstvlaai, May 2017

2017, HD video, 10 min approx., loop (video still)