Dall’ apice al fondo

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groupshow curated by Philipp Kremer
15.05.2014 – 12.06.2014

Participating artists:
Steve van den Bosch, Roderick Hietbrink, Nicolai Kraus, Bea McMahon, Kianoosh Motallebi, Christian Otto, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, Maarten Sleeuwits, Aldwin Van de Ven, Marcus Weber, Sigma Z, Ran Zhang

The idea plays as a setup:
Shown on plinths in the centre of the space are works that very much emphasise a logical, technical or scientific approach, related to thinking, mathematics and the physicality of a material. Displayed on the walls are a selection of works that take a different direction: personal, emotional, psychological or humorous, coming from an individual urge, pointing towards the character behind them.
By assembling these two groups, an image is created containing the both; at the same time, the clear separation between them raises the issue of their connection.
The isolation of these extremes is an attempt to highlight two basic artistic motivations. It operates within the context of the gallery being a commercial venue; confronted with the fact of selling, it is a reminder of the derivation of the product and a clarification about what it actually is.
The title, Dall’ apice al fondo (e viceversa), (which translates as ‘from the top to the bottom (and reverse)’), together with the door plate which will display the words “D.A.L. Apice/A.L. Fondo”, is itself a work by Annaïk Lou Pitteloud and reflects on the subject of the exhibition by pointing in three directions: it uses and plays with the name of the gallery, and therefore hints towards the venue as a container or stage. It refers to the condition of the artist as a constant hovering between the “ups and downs”, and it questions what is behind the work or how its genesis could be described by indicating the necessary interplay of two opposites.

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